Sayid Hasan Speech Forced Delay ICC Anti-Hezbollah Demands

Sayid Hasan Speech Forced Delay ICC Anti-Hezbollah Demand

Following the dismantling of the Zionist Regime of Israel's role in acts of terror against the former prime minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri by the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyid Hassan Nasrullah, the charges against muqawama by the International Criminal Court (ICC) suspended.
Sayid Hasan Speech Forced Delay ICC Anti-Hezbollah DemandsThe newspaper al-Anba 'mold Kuwait quoting diplomatic sources writes, reliable sources confirmed the suspension of lawsuits against a number of members associated terror Hizbullah Hariri until the end of 2010. Whereas before it was determined that these claims will be released next month.

Sayid Hasan Nasrullah told a news conference last week revealed the Israeli espionage activity in Lebanon during the last two decades. Sayid Hasan then display the video recording that proves the involvement of Israeli spies in terror Hariri.

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