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ÖSYM ("Öğrenci Seçme Yerleştirme Merkezi" in Turkish, meaning "Student Selection and Placement Center") is the body responsible for organizing the national level university entrance examination YGS-LYS, and several other large scale examinations in Turkey.. osym yerleştirme sonuçları

SSPC; KPSS and the SDK has signed the disputed work to beat, but "nine out of the name, does not reduce to eight" like they do every job seeker is a wrong, wrong, but not invent a var.Bu biyerinden his attendants and their families in case of SSPC yıpratmakla not only in the future the negative effect on those who will take the exam. Such sensational news kesilmediği overlooked the rear of a process, the candidates can not be considered the preparation of examinations in a healthy way.
ÖSYM Here, the answer to media reports!
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Today, various media outlets that worries the candidates, making a report to its partners in the effort to have been given unfair attrition observed regretfully.

Which is the subject of these reports, the candidate, Vertical Transfer Exam (DGS) has entered, but the conclusions from 80 to 30 points of success is doing exactly what it says and says OSYM error. However, the error is not the institution, the candidate itself. Prospective applicants did not care to write the correct year of graduation certificate. Candidate, 2010 despite the 2011-DGS is a graduate applicants 'Associate Degree Program, I am reading', where he graduated as the school declared that it did not note his graduation. For this reason, the candidate's Associate Degree Success Points (CFP), according to the rule is calculated as 30.

Moreover, as the candidate's declared on August 24 ended on August 18 starting at any operation, there is a choice. Without waiting for the result of the appeal petition, going through press, mislead the public with false pretenses initiated legal action against the candidate.

The 3 false news in recent days about the SSPC has been refuted by us with documentation. 'KPSS'de block did not do wrong by saying to the press organizations, and its partners in blaming the candidates, question booklets and answer keys after landing on the Internet today has become docile. In the same way, 'my score dropped 160 in a lump SSPC' said the candidate was originally taken from the SDK has been shown not result document through our system. Finally, LYS 4 students who stated that the change in the form of preferred and a criminal complaint against our institution bulunacaklarını shared with the press. SSPC by the news of the named candidates for the examination one by one and the same classroom to the same high school, this 4-choice candidate preferences, the last day of operations, in the same time zone, in other words the same IP number is changed from the same computer have been identified and disclosed to the public through a press release.

As can be seen, the negative perception about the attempted SSPC create doubt in this way is to refer the candidates and their families. For this reason, the press and conscientious in the public interest to invite you to become more sensitive issues.

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